There are many benefits of daily meditation, scientific research validates the benefits of meditation and the effects on the brain and body. Here I cover only 5 of these scientifically proven benefits, there are many and I will explore more of these benefits on future blogs.

  1. Positive effects on anxiety and depression – when meditating you enhance your ability to concentrate and hold your attention. You effectively re-train your brain, focusing your attention decreases in mind wandering during meditation. When you practise meditation daily this will have a flow on effect to your daily life. Less mind wandering results in less negative thinking. I have personally experienced these benefits. Please read my story here
  2.  Improves Memory – Meditation significantly enhances cognitive abilities resulting in improved working memory. Practising mindfulness, which is paying attention to and having an awareness of the internal and external experience of the present moment, acknowledging whatever arises without judgment or reaction, has shown to improve memory and mind wandering. Studies by Monash University in Australia of MBSR Mindfulness Based Stillness Reduction & Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, supports this as does many other scientific studies.
  3. Improved Body Awareness – Studies show people who meditate improve body awareness, by practising MBSR Mindfulness Based Stillness Reduction. Studies also show a reduction in pain experienced within the body, practicing mindfulness reduces tension and anxiety, it is found those who are less anxious tend to perceive less pain within their body. I have personally found improving my body awareness has led to a better understanding of my bodies needs.
  4. Improved Creativity and Problem Solving – Using an open monitoring meditation, such as mindfulness has shown meditators using this type of meditation perform better on tasks requiring cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility is important for problem solving and creativity. Meditation makes room for inspiration and creativity to flow. With a clearer mind you are able to make rational decisions in a calm manner.
  5. Improved Cardiovascular Health – Researchers have found that both Mindfulness and Transcendental meditation improve cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of heart disease.